Watermelon Friends

Custom Watermelon Carved Fruit Salads

You really only have to look at the pictures below and they speak for themselves. It's the Aussie version of carved pumpkins but founder of Watermelon Friends, Krystle, has upped the ante in the creativity states! 

Who knew the humble watermelon could be transformed in so many ways, and oh so practical for a party setting as a stand out fruit platter. These creations are also often ordered as a cake alternative at birthdays and other special occasions. I actually ordered one for our daughter's first birthday instead of a smash cake and it overshadowed the actual birthday cake in the 'wow' stakes :). Check out the other designs here. 

An interview with Krystle:

Why did you start Watermelon Friends? When sifting through ideas on Pinterest for my baby shower, I came across a watermelon baby bassinet that I wanted to replicate. After that, I had friends asking me to carve watermelons for their own celebrations. This got me thinking that if they were interested, then others might be too. My day job is as a web developer, so I built myself a website, got on Facebook, and here we are today :)

When was the moment you discovered your impressive watermelon carving skills? My early designs were mostly very simple and it's only when I successfully created a BB-8 for a little boy's Star Wars party that I managed to impress myself! Haha..

What is the most fun request you have received to date? I thrive on a good challenge, and the most fun watermelons are definitely the most difficult ones. The highlights would have to be carving my boss's face in watermelon for his farewell party, and creating an Alex Pappas watermelon for my son's Young & Free birthday party – faces are always the hardest!

Does your local grocer know you by name now? I frequent a few different locals and while they don't quite know me by name yet, the staff (and shoppers) always have that bemused look on their face when they see my trolley load. "She must really love watermelons" is a comment I hear very, very often.

You have a cute little helper... how old is your son? What is the greatest thing he has taught you about life? Wesley is 3 and a half now, and is a great little companion on many of my deliveries.. as well as a lovely middle-of-the-night interruption to my carving! He reminds me daily that life is full of wonder, family is everything, and to always keep your eyes open as time goes by so very fast.

So, are there any plans for Watermelon Friends to expand to outside of Sydney?Not as yet - I think there are still pockets of Sydney I've yet to uncover, so that will be my focus for the near future :)

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Chivalry & Delivery

Hatch a plan
Stunning flowers, dapper timing. 

Catchy isn't it? We were fortunate enough to catch up with Boaz (founder) soon after Chivalry & Delivery launched earlier this year. 

Most memorable gift you've received:  A trampoline when I was probably 12 from my parents – it was the most exciting thing in the world. 

Most memorable gift you've given: The most memorable thing for me was filling a dam with floating tea light candles and going out on a canoe with Jas (wife) under the stars. And I bought her gumboots to get down to the dam.

Was it for a special occasion? No, for no particular reason. My friends were amazing, they were the ones that did the work... dodged all the horses haha...

Why did you start Chivalry & Delivery? Cos these dates come around every single year and we should know better. There is a huge gap online for a convenient service, and to to doing really interesting stuff in the way of florist design.

Lowest pull your hair moment? Last night haha... it's just been a long week. The late nights and early mornings. Planning for the next days orders. 5am starts. And the pressure that comes with doing it all at the those times.

Biggest high five moment? The launch. The launch video got a lot of traction. A lot of people signed up and it went a lot further than expected. 

Chivalry is not dead. It is about capturing that excitement that happens when you are hatching a plan that is going to be amazing; Creating those moments to blow her away. Chivalry is not dead. 

So how does it work? You can either buy their amazing bouquets now, just like a regular online flower order. Or even better, plan ahead and send later. All you have to do is fill in a quick (and kind of fun!) form of your upcoming dates you want to send flowers. The team at Chivalry & Delivery will then remind you just ahead of these dates and send the flowers for you! Find out more here

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Happy Hands Happy Heart

We came across Happy Hands Happy Heart one day when searching for cool alternative gifts for small children and love what Emma and her team stand for!

We are passionate about encouraging creative and sensory play, so we have created something that encourages play based learning, is a perfect texture for encouraging fine motor skill development, is created using plant based dyes to mimic flavours found in nature and scents that encourage general well being and calm. All whilst making it 100% completely safe for curious little ones who innately also like to explore with their mouths!

They say colouring in is all the rage for adults these days but I'm going to be bold and say that playdough is the new thing for us 'young at heart' – just looking at Happy Hand Happy Heart's incredible Instagram feed makes me want to craft the ultimate playdough pepperoni pizza!

Check out their all natural scented play dough and accessories here. Designed specifically to encourage calm creative play, whilst enhancing the feeling of calm and well being and reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

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Baron Kutz

 An East Coast Australian sock label inspired by the creativity and genius that dwells within every pocket of society

We love Baron Kutz socks and that's not just because they have nailed the perfect thickness. They are quality socks with character and literally, a story behind every design. With a focus on backing the pursuit of individuals, empowering them to do great things, they also sponsor a line-up of the world's up-and-coming talent across the arts, academia, sport and social affairs. 

Do yourself a favour and check out their media page. The official Baron Kutz Story is a refreshing read as Daniel shares the humorous side to starting a sock business, and the Saturday Shorts videos capture the socks in action.

Nick and I would meet at a café where one by one I would pull out a new sock from my bag. We would intensely comb over each pair, whilst others in the café would ponder if the 2 guys sitting in the back had a weird sock fetish (we do).

Interview coming soon.

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Bluebird Co.

There is something nostalgic about personalised jewellery that just works – and I'm not really a jewellery person. So when I discovered Bluebird Co. I loved that it fills a real niche in creating keepsake pieces for the younger ones. 

Bluebird Co. jewels are a special collection of petite jewellery for little people that can be kept long after they are worn as a special reminder of the adventurous little hands and feet that wore them.

Founder, Sarah, stands out in the crowd with an effortless style that extends to her work where each piece is designed with a beautiful simplicity.
(Interview coming soon.)

On top of that, a percentage of all profits from sales go directly towards making a difference in the lives of children living in Ndola, Zambia. Read more here. 

The featured items on Givers of Love are below and are specifically designed to be personalised. Now available in various sizes, these keepsakes are also ideal for siblings, friends and parents as well. Perfect gift for a first time mum and daughter, or a child's first Christmas or birthday.

Well that is one gift off my Christmas list for my one year old!

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Unique & locally made fine art prints that save species

The name is definitely unusual and the prints stand out even more! Coupled with the fact that the founders Chris and Camila, are downright lovely people, we made sure Eggpicnic was one of our inaugural vendors!

Scrolling down their Instagram posts is therapeutic, with the clean lines of the bright coloured prints set again stark white backgrounds. It is so easy to picture one of their portraits or Wild Collections prints hanging in a kids bedroom or a Fortune 500 boardroom. 

Eggpicnic don't wear the environmentalism card just to look cool. Instead, they are making real change with the profits going to directly to ending wildlife extinction. Over the next three months, they are also bringing in a colourful world of wild & magnificent species to the kids of the Sydney Children's Hospital and their families with a visit from more than 70 animals from their fauna collection. 

Check out their prints and other gift ideas, as well as how the name was derived here.

Image credit: Editing Everything

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