Caring Canary

Care Packages for Someone Special

Now and then you come across a brand that just makes you smile from the inside out. Caring Canary is one of them. I think it is a combination of seeing the two words "caring" and "canary put next to each other; the simple act of basing a whole business around providing care packages for every need and occasion; and because each page and post is written with genuine heart and a zest for life.

 I realise how important caring for people is, and how it’s so easily overlooked in today’s busy, stressed-out society. – Georgia, Founder

Each box of happiness is curated carefully, covering every situation you could think of. If you have a family member, friend or colleague who is going through/ has just gone through a health challenge Caring Canary specialises in Get Well & Chemo Kits as this was one of the main reasons that founder, Georgia, quit the TV industry to start the business. In such difficult and emotional times, it is not easy to find the right gift to express your care and concern. But if you take a look inside one of their care packages, such as the Ray of Sunshine or Chemo Essentials Care Package, it's not hard to imagine the much needed joy it would bring to the recipient.

There is a care package for every waiting recipient in your life, whether it be your Ultimate Gentleman who needs a bit of TLC, your friends who have just become New Parents, or the family who have moved in across the road/hallway who could use a Luxe Settlement Gift (aka housewarming goodies)!

Be a blessing to that special someone going through something special today.

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