Watermelon Friends

Custom Watermelon Carved Fruit Salads

You really only have to look at the pictures below and they speak for themselves. It's the Aussie version of carved pumpkins but founder of Watermelon Friends, Krystle, has upped the ante in the creativity states! 

Who knew the humble watermelon could be transformed in so many ways, and oh so practical for a party setting as a stand out fruit platter. These creations are also often ordered as a cake alternative at birthdays and other special occasions. I actually ordered one for our daughter's first birthday instead of a smash cake and it overshadowed the actual birthday cake in the 'wow' stakes :). Check out the other designs here. 

An interview with Krystle:

Why did you start Watermelon Friends? When sifting through ideas on Pinterest for my baby shower, I came across a watermelon baby bassinet that I wanted to replicate. After that, I had friends asking me to carve watermelons for their own celebrations. This got me thinking that if they were interested, then others might be too. My day job is as a web developer, so I built myself a website, got on Facebook, and here we are today :)

When was the moment you discovered your impressive watermelon carving skills? My early designs were mostly very simple and it's only when I successfully created a BB-8 for a little boy's Star Wars party that I managed to impress myself! Haha..

What is the most fun request you have received to date? I thrive on a good challenge, and the most fun watermelons are definitely the most difficult ones. The highlights would have to be carving my boss's face in watermelon for his farewell party, and creating an Alex Pappas watermelon for my son's Young & Free birthday party – faces are always the hardest!

Does your local grocer know you by name now? I frequent a few different locals and while they don't quite know me by name yet, the staff (and shoppers) always have that bemused look on their face when they see my trolley load. "She must really love watermelons" is a comment I hear very, very often.

You have a cute little helper... how old is your son? What is the greatest thing he has taught you about life? Wesley is 3 and a half now, and is a great little companion on many of my deliveries.. as well as a lovely middle-of-the-night interruption to my carving! He reminds me daily that life is full of wonder, family is everything, and to always keep your eyes open as time goes by so very fast.

So, are there any plans for Watermelon Friends to expand to outside of Sydney?Not as yet - I think there are still pockets of Sydney I've yet to uncover, so that will be my focus for the near future :)

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