Happy Hands Happy Heart

We came across Happy Hands Happy Heart one day when searching for cool alternative gifts for small children and love what Emma and her team stand for!

We are passionate about encouraging creative and sensory play, so we have created something that encourages play based learning, is a perfect texture for encouraging fine motor skill development, is created using plant based dyes to mimic flavours found in nature and scents that encourage general well being and calm. All whilst making it 100% completely safe for curious little ones who innately also like to explore with their mouths!

They say colouring in is all the rage for adults these days but I'm going to be bold and say that playdough is the new thing for us 'young at heart' – just looking at Happy Hand Happy Heart's incredible Instagram feed makes me want to craft the ultimate playdough pepperoni pizza!

Check out their all natural scented play dough and accessories here. Designed specifically to encourage calm creative play, whilst enhancing the feeling of calm and well being and reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

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