Unique & locally made fine art prints that save species

The name is definitely unusual and the prints stand out even more! Coupled with the fact that the founders Chris and Camila, are downright lovely people, we made sure Eggpicnic was one of our inaugural vendors!

Scrolling down their Instagram posts is therapeutic, with the clean lines of the bright coloured prints set again stark white backgrounds. It is so easy to picture one of their portraits or Wild Collections prints hanging in a kids bedroom or a Fortune 500 boardroom. 

Eggpicnic don't wear the environmentalism card just to look cool. Instead, they are making real change with the profits going to directly to ending wildlife extinction. Over the next three months, they are also bringing in a colourful world of wild & magnificent species to the kids of the Sydney Children's Hospital and their families with a visit from more than 70 animals from their fauna collection. 

Check out their prints and other gift ideas, as well as how the name was derived here.

Image credit: Editing Everything

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