Chivalry & Delivery

Hatch a plan
Stunning flowers, dapper timing. 

Catchy isn't it? We were fortunate enough to catch up with Boaz (founder) soon after Chivalry & Delivery launched earlier this year. 

Most memorable gift you've received:  A trampoline when I was probably 12 from my parents – it was the most exciting thing in the world. 

Most memorable gift you've given: The most memorable thing for me was filling a dam with floating tea light candles and going out on a canoe with Jas (wife) under the stars. And I bought her gumboots to get down to the dam.

Was it for a special occasion? No, for no particular reason. My friends were amazing, they were the ones that did the work... dodged all the horses haha...

Why did you start Chivalry & Delivery? Cos these dates come around every single year and we should know better. There is a huge gap online for a convenient service, and to to doing really interesting stuff in the way of florist design.

Lowest pull your hair moment? Last night haha... it's just been a long week. The late nights and early mornings. Planning for the next days orders. 5am starts. And the pressure that comes with doing it all at the those times.

Biggest high five moment? The launch. The launch video got a lot of traction. A lot of people signed up and it went a lot further than expected. 

Chivalry is not dead. It is about capturing that excitement that happens when you are hatching a plan that is going to be amazing; Creating those moments to blow her away. Chivalry is not dead. 

So how does it work? You can either buy their amazing bouquets now, just like a regular online flower order. Or even better, plan ahead and send later. All you have to do is fill in a quick (and kind of fun!) form of your upcoming dates you want to send flowers. The team at Chivalry & Delivery will then remind you just ahead of these dates and send the flowers for you! Find out more here

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