Baron Kutz

 An East Coast Australian sock label inspired by the creativity and genius that dwells within every pocket of society

We love Baron Kutz socks and that's not just because they have nailed the perfect thickness. They are quality socks with character and literally, a story behind every design. With a focus on backing the pursuit of individuals, empowering them to do great things, they also sponsor a line-up of the world's up-and-coming talent across the arts, academia, sport and social affairs. 

Do yourself a favour and check out their media page. The official Baron Kutz Story is a refreshing read as Daniel shares the humorous side to starting a sock business, and the Saturday Shorts videos capture the socks in action.

Nick and I would meet at a café where one by one I would pull out a new sock from my bag. We would intensely comb over each pair, whilst others in the café would ponder if the 2 guys sitting in the back had a weird sock fetish (we do).

Interview coming soon.

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