The Two Day Phone Detox

Last week, my phone kamikaze-style flung out of my arms, flipped 360 degrees and landed vertical in a tiny bowl of water in the corner of the room behind the oil heater. 

When things like this happen*, a sense of dread and remorse usually takes over but this time was different. I just stared down at my baby in arms (the fiasco happened in her room in the middle of the night of course), and enjoyed the surprising sense of peace transcending me... even amidst the prospect of losing 6000 photos and videos! 

Over the next three days without phone, I:

  • Felt my brain emerged from a slumber of mush as previously sleep deprived brain cells started to recover their ability to convert information to long term memory
  • Was no longer filling the in-between micro moments of life by reaching for my phone 
  • Appreciated time with my husband and baby by being a lot more present rather than subconsciously checking my phone
  • Took no photos (this is a huge deal, my nickname is Pamarazzi for good reason) and remembered the moments in my head instead
  • Started thinking new thoughts again and new ideas began rushing in once more
  • Came up with this website site plan, something I had been avoiding for 4 months
  • Felt naked but extremely liberated. 

It's easy to have intentions or fantasise about detoxing from our phone. This was me as I heard others doing it. Ironically, on the morning of the very day I dropped the phone, I even had written on my to do list to back up my files.

But whether you self-impose a phone detox as a result of higher revelation and goodwill, or are forced to through your phone’s sheer determination to take a summer dip like mine, embrace it and you will not regret it. Watch those breakthroughs and special moments of clarity roll in – unaided by Google or Instagram!

* I have dropped or broken about 80% of my phones over the past 15 years. If you need tips or a phone doctor recommendation, I’m your expert. This one’s for free: back up your photos and videos via Google Photos or Apple NOW :)