16 of The Best Planners for 2017

Better late than never!

The great thing about being a bit late to the organisation game in 2017 is that many planners out there are now on sale :) So if those visions and goals you set last month are still persistently nagging you to be realised, then consider buying a planner to MAKE. THEM. HAPPEN. Why a planner? There is something therapeutic and more effective with putting pen to paper rather than committing everything to the digital space. You may find that using a planner in conjunction with apps and digital tools gives the best of both worlds. 

While it is tempting to judge a book by its cover, try not to pick one just because it looks cool. Choosing the right planner that will work best for you will ensure that you won't be left with one that was enthusiastically filled in for January and February but quickly discarded and forgotten as an unusable dated notebook. 

There are a LOT of planners out there, and unfortunately a lot of the ones in the shops are now either sold out or just not user friendly. Here is a list of 16 of the best that we could find online in 2017, each focusing on a specific demographic. However, all of them seem to capture the essence of what makes a good planner: aesthetically pleasing, practical and effective. 

Thrive Daily Planner for Goal Setting Productivity: This is a 90 Day productivity system that is designed specifically to increase your changes of following through with your goals. It claims that success is highly correlated with the right time frame, and by committing to achieving something in 90 days, it helps you to actually stay motivated and accomplish your goals. The Thrive Planner also helps you to stay balanced with both personal and professional life. 

Daily Greatness Business Planner for the Visually Driven Business Owner: Claiming to be the most comprehensive and stunning business planner on the market, the features are very impressive. There are week-to-a-view, daily planner view, business vision planner, expansion strategy worksheet, social media content planner, comprehensive goal planning system, 90 day business challenges... you get the picture. Suitable for any go-getting entrepreneur. 

Commit30 2017 Day Planner for Quick Results: Based on the notion that you can do ANYTHING in 30 days,  this planner is all about customising your specific goals, dreams and passions to help you keep focused all year long on your goals. The result? A whole year of attained goals through intermittent goal setting. On Sale.

The Volt Planner for The Achievers: It was hard to find a niche market for this planner as it really can be used by anyone, with its simple lines and no-fuss design for weekly and monthly goal setting and execution. There is plenty of room to make it your own and adapt to your own habits. Designed by a tech exec and startup founder, it has been meticulously designed and made with high quality materials. 

Blacklist's The Daily List for the Cool: This is one understated planner that makes up for what it lacks in the feature department, in the slick monochrome feeling it emanates. With a simple weekly and monthly view, and a splash of motivational quotes throughout, it is perfect for any demographic. 

Pilot's Diary for Writers for Writers of All Levels: This planner features over 200 pages of wisdom and motivation from industry professionals such as tops on getting published and 52 writing prompts to kick start your creativity for the week. There are also 150 Australian writing competitions, festivals and awards and an A-Z of essential Australian resources for writers. You can tell Pilot has laboured over this one to really bring home a winner. 

Moleskine Daily Planner Diary for Moleskine Lovers: When it comes to quality, it is hard to beat a Moleskine notebook or planner. It is hard to pinpoint exactly why, but they really know how to design with a sense of minimalism and detail. While a bit on the pricier end, you just have to take one look at the gorgeous spectrum of colours each month comes in, to be won over. 

Mi Goals Diary for Dream Chasers and Action Takers: There are several versions to suit your tastes, but all are designed to get you thinking about how you can improve yourself and your life. We like this one "Better than Yesterday" as it focuses on bettering yourself not comparing yourself to others. Like any good planner, it has many features to help you stay focused and moving forward each day to achieve your goals for the year. 

Craftsposure Planner for Business Creatives: Calling all passion makers and creative doers to make each day count, this planner covers a LOT of ground with a well thought out hand crafted system of organising your year, month and week. Each feature brings you closer to achieving your goals and finding clarity in your business. Set Weekly, Monthly and Yearly goals, fill in a One Page Business Plan or Marketing Calendar, track important numbers and statistics... and turn your vision into reality! Not only that but the pages are filled with stunning artworks from the Craftsposure artist community. 

Poketo Daily Weekly Monthly Planner for the Efficiently Detailed: With the detailed daily planner being the most requested element, this is a minimalist option with timestamps neatly lining the page. This makes it great for planning out your whole day to a tee. There is also something nostalgic about the inclusion of a world map and of course lots of room to freestyle note take and scribble down thoughts. 

StartPlanner for the Busy, Multi-Role Individual: The one pictured here in particular is the Hustle Daily spiral bound Planner. It is designed for helping organise all aspects of your life, featuring Goal Setting and Tracking; Holiday and Project Plans; Personal Financial Planning, Food Budgets and Planning; Health Planning; Inspirational Quotes and more! This is something that parents, entrepreneurs, teachers and students alike will get a lot out of. Also available in business edition. 

Tiny Me Personalised Name Diary for that Special Someone: We have included this one just because it is always cool to gift a personalised gift to someone. Maybe there is someone in your life who you think needs a bit of prompting to chase their dreams and get organised :)... why not order one with their name on it and surprise them next time he or she is talking about how they wish they had more time to achieve what they want this year – or just get one for yourself for that extra bit of motivation to start using a planner. 

Well hopefully amongst this shortlist, you've been able to find one that suits you! We are now working on getting some exclusive offers on some of these planners and other undated planners. Stay tuned for that!

COMING SOON: Pop Up Marketplace for Undated Planners.