All I want for Christmas is YOU

Love Languages Part 1: The Gift of Quality Time

12 days left and Christmas gift buying anxiety has now tripled. What in the world do you get that person who, despite being asked, has told you he/she doesn't really have anything on their Christmas list?
Hint: the answer is not a passive aggressive glare.

Chances are, said loved one's primary love language is not quite receiving literal gifts. So how does one give something that says "I love and value you"?

Let's start with a primarily Quality Time (QT) love language person. Dr Gary Chapman in his book "The 5 Love Languages" defines this as "giving someone your undivided attention." Individuals with this primary love language are in need of face to face, heart to heart connection. It means meaningful conversations, slowing down time & space to listen and be listened to.

Sound like someone in your life? Here are a range of Gift Ideas to help you get started:

  1. Picnic in the backyard/lounge: Budget friendly, and can be planned to specific tastes.
  2. A planned Dinner & Movie day/night: While tempting to just give a movie voucher, it's the night out connecting that makes this person's heart skip a beat. So, give that voucher but take that extra step and lock in a pre-planned night for you both, or for you to babysit so he/she can go with their partner without the kids.
  3. A "voucher" to a pre-planned Restaurant Crawl: Pick a location with a few dining options within walking distance. Start with entrees at one place, walk to another restaurant for mains, and to a final one for dessert. It creates ample space for you to talk and a new experience to adventure together. Score! (Remember, high expense isn't necessarily needed, he/she will love the whole experience of connecting with you.)
  4. A Jazz club (or whatever the equivalent music  genre they love): Great place to have dinner/drinks for QT before enjoying something they love together with them.
  5. A Zoo/wildlife park/Museum day out: Again, voucher and a pre-planned date makes this extra great.
  6. Boat ride adventure: Or if budget is within your means, hire one for the day for them to have with you and their closest peeps.
  7. Gift them a class you both love and do it together: Ideas include cooking, dancing, calligraphy, gardening, photography etc. Plus make sure you spend time 'debriefing' with them.
  8. Short (or long) trip away: This could be as simple as a night's stay in the city or at a mate's holiday home, as budget friendly as a road trip, or as extravagant as a cruise/international flight away.

Memories to be made!