Let's be Real.

Let’s be real, gift giving can sometimes be a stressful thing for those not so naturally inclined. Somehow that picture in your head of the perfect gift for your loved ones, rarely materialises neatly packaged in a box. “Where’s the joy in this?” you wonder as you traipse around glancing at window displays yelling out that they’re the answer to your giving needs. You guiltily ponder for a second the ease of a gift card, before refocusing back on the task at hand. Why? Because it’s worth the effort. Because there is beauty in the act of giving; a language spoken between the giver and the receiver.

A gift strengthens our need to be known, understood and loved. It communicates thoughtfulness; a moment where someone carved out time in their lives to think of you. Sometimes it can even speak to one’s future by letting someone know you believe in them – a notebook & pen for a budding writer or perhaps a book on “Vegetable Gardening for Dummies”.

So as we kick off the December countdown to the biggest gift giving time in the year, let’s remember what we’re really trying to say… I love you, I understand you, you’re valued, and above all…this really isn’t about me.