How can I get listed on Givers of Love?

We'd love to hear from you! Please drop us en email and we will commence dialogue on whether your Givers of Love is the right platform for you.

Will you have your own items for purchase?

That's the plan! Coming soon.

I am a small business and would love help on giving gifts. Is there a minimum order for this gift giving service?

Of course. While there are set packages with an annual subscription fee, we totally understand the budgeting needs of small businesses and can arrange for one off services to suit your budget. 

So how does Givers of Love keep operating? 

We do our best to secure great offers when introducing you to brands out there. When you purchase from them, Givers of Love receives a referral fee for directing your loyalty to them. Basically it is a win win win situation!

What happens if I have problems with my order with one of your vendors? 

Sometimes things go wrong, so please be patient with your vendors who may just be just starting up to bring their goods to this big wide world. Bring up the issue with them first via their listed contact avenues on their website or order emails. In the rare circumstance that you are unable to resolve your order, email us and we will see what we can do.